Health professionals are at the forefront helping to prevent stillbirth during pregnancy.

They also provide compassionate care and support leading up to and following the birth of stillborn babies.

To continue to educate and support health professionals, below are prevention and bereavement care resources the Foundation has supported.

  • Safer Baby Bundle - Evidence-base eLearning module

    The Stillbirth CRE has led the development of the Safer Baby Bundle evidence-based eLearning module addressing the priority evidence practice gaps in stillbirth prevention for implementation across maternity services.

    Stillbirth CRE is committed to designing and delivering eLearning materials, as well as face to face workshops, to support clinicians across Australia in reducing preventable stillbirth.

    Click here to find out more or to register visit Stillbirth CRE.

  • Providing care for families who have experienced stillbirth

    The Stillbirth Foundation Australia funded a research project of the Joanna Briggs Institute, University of Adelaide and in 2014, the results were published.

    The objective of this review was to identify effective, meaningful and/or appropriate non-pharmacological, psychosocial supportive care interventions and strategies for families to improve their psychological well-being following stillbirth.

    Associate Professor, Edoardo Aromataris said “the findings of the review showed that parents can be comforted by healthcare professionals who are prepared to involve them collaboratively in decision-making, and to provide empathetic, sensitive and respectful care at all times.”

    The review includes three parts:

    1. Evidence-based guidance for healthcare professionals providing care for parents from diagnosis to birth
    2. Evidence-based guidance for healthcare professionals providing care for parents immediately after birth
    3. Evidence-based guidance for healthcare professionals providing care for parents following birth


Practical and emotional help for friends and family

Your grief is real. Here’s how to support yourself and your loved ones.

  • Supporting a loved one or close friend

    In the moments from finding out their baby is stillborn, bereaved parents will be in a state of shock and disbelief.  Supporting your loved one during this time is so important. 

  • Practical ways to help

    There is no textbook guide on how to help bereaved parents in grief, but below are some suggestions on practical ways to help.

  • Coping with your own grief

    Stillbirth is a challenging time for the bereaved parents, but it can also impact family members too.

  • Supporting bereaved parents at work

    When the unthinkable happens to your employee and their baby dies there are certain things you can say and do to help them during this time.