To help you through this time, ask family, friends or close colleagues for help with practical or challenging tasks.

As you recover physically and grieve, you might need assistance with tasks or activities including:

  • Help talking to family, friends and colleagues – following the birth of your baby, it may be hard and tiring to talk to lots of people. When you’re ready, ask a family member or close friend to contact those who you wish to inform and any considerations you need at this time.
  • Making memories of your baby – taking photographs, video or organising a professional photographer to create memories while in hospital or at home. Arranging suppliers for painted handprints and footprints or impressions, custom name prints or engraving, buying clothing or special keepsakes to place with your baby.
  • Help around the house – doing the groceries, preparing home-cooked meals, cleaning the house, watering the garden, doing the laundry or paying bills.
  • Help with other children – childcare or school drop off and pick up, extra-curricular activities, help preparing school lunches, completing homework or looking after the children for a short period of time to attend appointments or rest.
  • Help going to appointments – driving to doctor’s appointments or to service providers to help make arrangements for the baby’s funeral.
  • Help with the funeral – help making decisions with the Funeral Director, organising flowers or mementos, completing paperwork, paying bills,

Do what feels right for you and partner.  You are not in this alone and it is likely your nearest and dearest are willing to do what they can to help you.

Practical and emotional help for parents

Stillbirth is never planned. Understanding what happens now can make it less overwhelming.