In Australia, it is a requirement to register your baby’s birth if the loss was after 20 weeks of pregnancy or weighing more than 400 grams at birth.

Your midwife or hospital social worker will provide you with a Birth Registration Form while in hospital and you have 60 days to register your baby’s birth in your state.

The records will show the baby as stillborn and you will not need to register the death of your baby.

It is free to register the birth. As a memento of your precious baby, you can choose to purchase a birth certificate or a decorative certificate design, subject to your state.

Our community have found this task challenging, so take your time and ask a family member, close friend or social worker to help.

All information should be provided while in the hospital, however, please refer to state registration websites for more information

State registration websites

  • ACT

    Register your baby here.

  • NSW

    Register your baby here.

  • NT

    Register your baby here.

  • QLD

    Register your baby here.

  • SA

    Register your baby here.

  • TAS

    Register your baby here.

  • VIC

    Register your baby here.

  • WA

    You cannot register your baby online. The hospital or midwife will provide you with a Birth Registration From with instructions that should be read carefully. Find more information here.

Practical and emotional help for parents

Stillbirth is never planned. Understanding what happens now can make it less overwhelming.