The Endometrial Origins of Stillbirth - Participants Needed

This is a project aimed at better understanding the endometrium (lining of the uterus) in women who have experienced an early pregnancy loss (Either as a late miscarriage or a preterm stillbirth). This will be achieved by collecting menstrual fluid from these women to see if we can predict these outcomes through menstrual fluid.

  • Brief

    2020 Stillbirth Foundation Grant Grant recipient, Miranda Davies-Tuck and team from the Ritchie Centre at the Hudson Institute are reaching out to our community to invite eligible participants in their world-first, Endometrial Origins of Stillbirth Study. The study aims to better understand the endometrium in women who have experienced an early pregnancy loss – including a late miscarriage (12-20 weeks) or a preterm stillbirth (20-37 weeks).

  • Recruiting Now (Aug 2021)

    We are now recruiting participants for this study. To be eligible you must be a:

    *Melbourne woman, aged 18-40

    *With a menstrual period

    *Who in the past 3 yrs, has had either a:

    – late miscarriage (12-20 weeks)

    – preterm stillbirth (20-37 weeks)

    – preterm live-birth (20-37 weeks), or

    – term live-birth (>37 weeks)

    *And are not currently on hormonal contraceptives.

  • Contact

    If you are interested in participating or would like to find out more, email