Our Beautiful Identical Twin Boys Ned & Jack Murphy born Still but still born on March 22nd 2016.

Our twin boys were healthy until 21 weeks when they suddenly developed twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Devastatingly our recipient twin Jack passed away and it was a waiting game for our donor twin, Ned. Ned declared himself the next day. We spent a beautiful 24 hours with our boys and had Heartfelt (a volunteer organisation) give us the gift of photographic memories that we continue to cherish forever.

After saying goodbye to Ned and Jack , we left the hospital without our babies in our arms. Something no parent should ever have to do but the reality is…it happens. We remember feeling like we had been hit by a truck, our grief was raw, isolation was real and all we could do was try to process what had happened as well as be there for each other. Our boys have made us better people and have taught us to be grateful for all things in life, they will always be a part of our family and they live on in their younger sisters.

By sharing the story of Ned and Jack, Liam and I are hoping that our experience will increase the awareness of Stillbirth and change the taboo & stigma associated with Pregnancy and Infant loss. Stillbirth is heartbreaking and no one speaks about it! The topic is confronting and for some people the conversation is often avoided but this conversation is so important, as we believe a conversation can help raise awareness and support other parents.

For us, saying Ned & Jack’s name is normal and part of our life story. It brings us great comfort because they are remembered.


Heartfelt words by Hayley, mother to Ned and Jack