I lost you… Amelia I miss you.

I lost you… Amelia I miss you.

It was the week of excitement at 41 weeks! The week you get so exhausted, tired like nothing else matters you just want your baby!

The night I went into labour 31/5/21 it’s like my whole world changed, I was so excited to finally meet you!

We rushed to the hospital at 10-11pm, we walked in to our room we were excited as anything knowing we were about to meet her so soon.

The moment of doom struck the moment I laid down! The midwife over me saying she can’t seem to find her heartbeat I was in utter shock I couldn’t move I was shaking.

The ultrasound confirmed it she was gone.

We were in so much shock, my partner sick throwing up constantly! I remember just laying there in so much pain, mentally and psychically.

The pain of the labour the endless needles tubes medication the antibiotics to stop this nasty infection from over coming me. I was so close to death!

I miss her I don’t know what to do without her! But I know she’ll want us to live.

If only We could hold you now and watch you grow forever! ❤️

We will always miss you and I know you’ll always be watching down on us all.

– Hearfelt words by Carissa and her partner, Jett, honouring baby Amelia.