Bella Rizk is our precious angel. Forever in our hearts. She will always be our first born.

Bella was our first born. The day we found out we were pregnant was a truly happy day. She was our miracle from above.

The entire pregnancy journey was a life changing experience. One I wouldn’t change and have no regrets.

At 29 weeks I noticed our baby girl’s movements had changed. Something did not feel right. I was up all night. A trip to the hospital the next day turned into a week long stay and revelation that our baby girl had an abnormal heartbeat. This came as a complete shock to my husband and I.

The doctors tried everything to save Bella including giving me heart medication to lower the heart rate. Unfortunately on 5th October we were told they could not find a heartbeat on the ultrasound.

My whole world crumbled. How did this happen? Did I do something wrong? This did not feel right at all. It was like a bad dream.

I cried like never before. We had lost our first born and there was no pain like it.

Bella was our angel… too good for this life. She was born into this world still and beautiful on 8th October 2020.

Forever in our hearts. Our Guardian Angel

Danielle-Marie Rizk is mother to Bella Rizk.