Kora - A surprise at the least, an overload of happiness and abundance of love.

A surprise at the least, an overload of happiness and abundance of love, our little Kora was such a blessing from the moment of conception. Born still at 37.5 weeks, a perfect pregnancy, text book to be exact but the angels had other ideas and decided she was needed up above.

In November 2019 we had the shock news that I was pregnant, crazy it was! She was conceived whilst taking contraception , so a true miracle she was!

Throughout the next 9 months she grew perfectly, every scan, every test, every doctor appointment. It all came back on point , perfect news and a happy little family we all were. Until one day we stopped feeling movement, my tummy started to feel different, and things just didn’t feel right! We headed to the hospital to confirm her heart had stopped beating. No abnormalities or evidence that something wasn’t right through the final scan or any scan at that matter. Two weeks prior we saw our midwife. Two weeks prior we were at the fetal unit for a check up. One week prior we saw the obstetrician and everything was great!

It wasn’t until birth day that we found our sweet little girl had a true knot in her umbilical cord which blood clot had formed inside. I opted for a natural birth as I owed it to myself and our Kora to still go through the same process regardless of the situation. She entered the world perfect, born still on July 15th 2020.

She was exquisite. Beautiful defined lips, chubby little cheeks, round face, and long body like her daddy. Pure perfection from the moment we laid eyes on her.

Even though we will never understand how or why things like this happen, it has definitely put the fire in our bellies for a brighter future with future children. Hold your loved ones so tight and never take anything for granted. Just remember, there will be light at the end of your tunnel one day soon!

Jenna Lanrouris is mother to Kora, born still on July 15, 2020.