We are incredibly grateful to businesses that support the Foundation through regular donations or in-kind services. We encourage you to support them too.

Supporting Businesses

  • Aligned Gemini Co

    The Keepsake Collection This special collection has been designed for and dedicated to people needing a keepsake gift. A gift to keep a memory alive, a gift to give to someone where no words need be spoken. We have created a collection of keepsake jewellery for those who would like their loved ones memory to live on everyday. These necklaces are a meaningful gift you can give someone, a keepsake they can always have with them. A portion from each sale will be donated to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

  • The Aria & Co

    The Aria and Co was founded in 2020 by Anthony and Alessandra – a married couple who had given birth to their sleeping angel, Aria. Alessandra struggled through her entire pregnancy to find clothing that accommodated her growing body. Her main concern was a pair of tights and a good sports bra to support her during her exercise. Numerous pregnancy and infant loss charities assisted us with navigating our new journey without our daughter and our mission quickly became the need to provide much needed funds through affordable and comfortable active wear and maternity wear. It is important to The Aria and Co to support those who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss by donating a percentage of our profits to charities that care for families during times of grief.

  • Auburn Central Pharmacy

    Charlie Saad and his team have been supporters of the Stillbirth Foundation since 2015.

  • Coco's Fizz

    Handmade and natural bath and body products made in honour of baby Coco Jessie Channels who was stillborn at almost 36 weeks’ gestation on 29 May 2018. A portion of each sale is donated to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia, Bears of Hope and Heartfelt.

  • ED.

    ED. redesigned the Foundation's logo and built this beautiful website. From the very beginning we knew we were in safe hands. The ED. team took the time to understand the cause, as well as our audience, brand, and mission. This has been a wonderful collaboration and we are thrilled with the site. We hope you are too.

  • Enchanting Angels

    The word “Angel” means Messenger. Our fascination with Angels grows daily. They may appear in our lives to bring inspiration, hope and strength when needed or asked for. Some people believe that the first Angel we come into contact with is our Guardian Angel who is assigned to us at Birth and stays until the end of our time and that everyone has at least one Guardian Angel.

  • Hallie & Jane

    Hallie & Jane is a minimalist baby/children’s clothing brand inspired by my stillborn angel. Hallie was stillborn at 33 weeks in 2019, I have since decided to start this business to honour her and spread awareness for stillbirth and the stigmas surrounding it. Our style is neutral and earthy tones to suit every baby and all occasions. Follow us on Instagram: @hallieandjane_ and Facebook: http://facebook.com/hallieandjane. 5% of all orders will be donated to the Stillbirth Foundation.

  • Heart Space book

    Written by Ami Summers, Heart Space is a 258-page grief workbook designed to help you through all stages of loss. Ami’s beautifully written self-directed coaching book grants you permission to grieve your babies.

  • Honestly Emma

    Honestly Emma is a platform devoted to helping mama’s recover from fatigue, exhaustion and overwhelm. Trained pharmacist Emma Bowes uses her Functional Medicine background and a unique blend of mind-body medicine to help mama’s rediscover their energy and reclaim their mojo. Emma graciously shared her personal story with us as well as her professional knowledge and insights on our Help & Support pages. She is mum to Elke, born still on 7 November 2019.

  • Kite Creative and Co

    Kite Creative and Co helps businesses create unique and effective content marketing strategies and copy, to grow their brands and engage and attract new customers. Alicia is a bereaved mum and has done an amazing job with the content for this site. She also manages our social media and comms strategies. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

  • Maple Gallery - Newborns of Melbourne

    Brad and Suze Downer started the Newborns of Melbourne book project after two of their close friends experienced firsthand the devastating loss of stillbirth. A portion of each photo shoot is donated to the Foundation.

  • Miss Angel Ilaria

    Miss Angel Ilaria originated as a creative outlet for stillmother to baby Ilaria and has grown into a source of unique kids decor. The range offers beautiful cushions, playmats and pillows which make stunning additions to any child’s room and wonderful gifts. 5% of all items solds is donated to Stillbirth Foundation Australia to fund research into stillbirth prevention.

  • My Baby's Voice

    Written by mother Ann-Maree Imrie and inspired by her son Xavier Rocket, ‘You Could Have Been…’ is a children’s picture book for bereaved parents to read to their child who died, or didn’t survive a pregnancy. It’s filled with a parent’s wonder of who their child could have been if they’d had the chance to grow up. The book is written to the child, so a parent can talk to them about their lost hopes and dreams, but most importantly, their love.

  • Phoenix on Fire Candle Co.

    Natalija Clifford crafts her beautiful handmade luxury soy and coconut candles, melts and Cleopatra coconut milk baths in loving memory of her son Phoenix Rain. You can find her products at markets around Mackay, QLD or online through her Facebook page. Phoenix on Fire generously donates 10% of sales to Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

  • Remembering Me Baby Book

    Every baby deserves a baby book. The Remembering Me Baby Book was created to honour your baby’s memory not only now but into the future. It includes prompts to record details of your pregnancy and delivery; space for photos, handprints and footprints; birthdays and lined pages for you write letters of love to your precious baby. The Remembering Me series was created by Shaela Mauger whose wish is 'that every parent will write down their life story for their children'.

  • Rite of Passage Funerals

    Rite of Passage Funerals believes in the power of storytelling – especially when it comes to end-of-life events. They are passionate about creating funerals brimming with meaning, intention and unforgettable moments. Owner and Head Funeral Planner, Yasemin Trollope, shared her knowledge, insights and story with us for our website. Thank you for your beautiful words, Yasemin.

  • Secret Scents Co

    Pure soy scented candles so strongly scented, you’ll wish you could eat them. Made with ribbon wicks, modern jars with wood lids and gift boxed. Something for everyone. Owner Kate generously donates a portion of profits to the Foundation.

  • The Porcelain Urn Company

    Ceramicist, Deb Taylor, creates exquisitely handcrafted cremation urns that are a beautiful to hold and provide an enduring way to honour and celebrate your baby’s life.

  • The Wiggle Tree

    The Wiggle Tree was first created in 2012 with the introduction of their popular baby product, the Nappy off Mat. A decade on, the range has grown however one thing that has stayed the same is that each bamboo item is still handmade. Wanting to raise awareness for stillbirth in Australia, a portion of every hand knitted washer sale will be donated to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

  • Zoe Hope Active

    Zoe Hope Active empowers mothers to feel healthy and active during their pregnancy journey through a range of maternity activewear and helpful blog posts. Started by bereaved mum, Deb, in honour of her stillborn baby, Zoe Hope.

Become a supporting business

If you would like to learn more about becoming a supporting business, please contact us at office@stillbirthfoundation.org.au.