Measuring the financial impact of stillbirth on the Australian society.

In 2016, through a partnership with PWC, we set out to quantify the economic impact of stillbirth to provide a different context to government. If we can measure the financial impact, then we can advocate for more funds to be allocated to research and equally call for more resources for bereaved parents and families.  

We found the cost to the Australian society from 2016  2020 to be an estimated $680 million, which includes direct costs (counselling, autopsies, etc.), indirect costs (presenteeism, absenteeism, family breakdown, etc.) and intangible costs (effects on long-term mental health, personal relationships, etc.).   

While we know that it is not possible to put a simple dollar number on the loss of a baby through stillbirth and its devastating impacts on families, we hoped this study would shed light on this issue and to contribute to the conversation on the nature and scale of impacts associated with stillbirth. 

Download the report findings here: Economic-Impacts-of-Stillbirth-2016-PwC