The Mighty Quinn

john_denham_the_mighty_quinnAs written by John Denham, father of  Quinn and Freya:

Much to our delight, on May 10th 2014, The Golden Cycling Club opened a new mountain bike trail in Golden, British Columbia called “The Mighty Quinn” in honour of our son Quinn. This showing of community support has provided us with unbelievable healing and has opened the conversation about the loss of a child.

This trail was built and conceived by Rick Seward and Brady Starr and championed by the club president at the time, Chad Jennings. It is Golden’s first machine-made trail and it is descent only. This is also significant because this trail is one of the best in Golden and has become a favourite. It has seriously become the trail on everyone’s lips. Local and visiting riders hear the story or often they ask about the teddy bear on the trail sign. As a result, the silence about stillbirth is broken.

The trail opening was attended by our adopted daughter, Freya. She was four days old at the time and we love that her first introduction to our community was in honour of her big brother. This year I rode the trail with Freya, and some friends. (Yes, we rode slowly and carefully and yes, it was healing).

I miss Quinn and I thought I would share this story of community healing and the breaking of silence on stillbirth with the Stillbirth Foundation of Australia.

Quinn would have been three years old in June 2015. For his birthday, his father John submitted a story of what the the Golden Cycling Club in Canada has done to break the silence on stillbirth.

top photo: John Denham, wife Kristy and daughter Freya

The group who attended the opening of the Mighty Quinn trail:



John Denham, daughter Freya, friend Jan Kotyk with his son Asher.

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