Ladies Afternoon Tea – October 15th

This fundraising event was organised by Nicole and Amy to honour their babies, both lost this year, and to remember all babies on International Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance day.

The high tea event at Cambewarra Estate was a chance for over 100 like minded women to get together in a beautiful venue and included a wealth of knowledge and experience from a number of guest speakers. With support from a range of local businesses and suitably fitting weather to enjoy the venue, the day looked simply spectacular.

Proceeds from the day raised $2,800 for stillbirth research and has ignited a supportive community for stillparents in the region through the formation of a support group. We are honoured to have been included in the fundraising from this event and so proud of the inroads these women are making in the community. You can read more about their work in this news article from the South Coast Register

View pics and get some inspiration below:


Remy & Co Pasta Bar

Michael and Nina honour their stillborn daughter Remy with each meal they serve at their restaurant Remy & Co Pasta Bar, with a donation to Stillbirth Foundation and Sands from each meal ordered.

They recently marked their one year anniversary which was a celebration of community and awareness.

Bunyip Community Day

When Adam’s good friends lost their baby Evie, he wanted to do something that would make a difference. So he decided to fundraise for stillbirth research. He decided to have a ‘beard shave off’ of his gloriously long beard and get people to donate. With enough donations he also volunteered to dye his beard and wear the colour for a week.

Once the community of Bunyip heard about his efforts, the town got together to hold a community day for families with the great ‘shave off’ as the highlight of the day. Local businesses helped to sponsor the family day and over $8,000 was raised by Adam and his family for Stillbirth Foundation in Evie’s name.

This is an incredible example of an event that raised awareness of stillbirth and also raised valued funds for future research.

You can see the great ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics of Adam below.



These men have found interesting ways to raise money for a necessary cause – stillbirth research. From beard shaves to running in costumes, multiple marathons or trivia nights. The methods employed are noteworthy and creative in their efforts to #supportadad. This can (and should) be done all year round but September is noteworthy since Father’s Day occurs in this month and can be another one of those difficult ‘celebration’ dates.

Cake Stall

This enterprising supporter added an extra $50 to their fundraising efforts by holding a cupcake stall with these delicious home-made delicacies.