The Porcelain Urn Company

The Porcelain Urn Company create simple and elegant urns to act as a focus for the love and grief experienced after the death of a loved one.

The urns are crafted by ceramic potter Deb Taylor who has 25 years experience and are influenced by her volunteer experience with Social Workers at The Royal Womens’ Hospital in Randwick. This involved firing ceramic tiles with foot and hand impressions of tiny infants who had died preterm, or who were stillborn.

Describing her inspiration for this work Deb says “In early 2010 I received an enquiry from a woman whose husband had died under tragic circumstances. She was aware of my ceramic pieces I was already making and asked me if I would make some customised urns for her husband’s ashes that she was able to put her choice of wording around. At the time it was a confronting process for us both for very different reasons however there was also much tenderness as we talked about ideas about how the urns should look and feel.

It’s an honour for me to be asked to contribute artistically at what is very often an impossibly difficult time for people.”

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