The Stillbirth Foundation was established in October 2005 by the families and friends of stillborn babies, with the aim of raising funds for stillbirth research.

The organisation was initially staffed by volunteers, operating from within the Mater Hospital (Sydney), and without its own charitable-tax concessions, could only raise funds in NSW for stillbirth research.

In August 2008, with the assistance of legal firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth, the Stillbirth Foundation Australia was established as an independent national charity with its own Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and began formal operations independent of the Mater Hospital in April 2009.

Today the Stillbirth Foundation exists as a Company and a Trust, and holds all necessary legal charitable tax concessions both with the ATO and in each state. In addition to funding stillbirth research, this structure allows the Stillbirth Foundation to raise awareness about stillbirth, including medical and societal risk factors, and potential ways that stillbirth might be prevented.

Since 2009 the Stillbirth Foundation has allocated more than $1 million to funding the most rigorously designed studies aimed at finding a means of preventing stillbirth and supporting the families of stillborn babies.