My Baby’s Movements: a mobile phone tool to reduce stillbirth

In the days before a late term stillbirth occurs, a baby’s movements inside the womb may decrease. However, pregnant women and their families currently receive inadequate information about the importance of their baby’s movements as an indicator of their baby’s health, and may delay reporting decreased fetal movement to their doctor or care providers.

This team of researchers aim to develop a mobile phone App called “My Baby’s Movements” to address this problem. The aim of the tool is to provide quality information about fetal movements to pregnant women and their families, and to encourage early reporting in case a decrease in movement occurs. This project is funding the pilot testing of the above mentioned phone App.

Amount granted:  $33,658.30

Research institution: Centre for Maternal Fetal Medicine, Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Brisbane

Chief Investigator: Dr Glenn Gardener

Other investigators:  Associate Professor Vicki Flenady, Professor David Ellwood, Ms Allena Wojcieszek, Associate Professor Fran Boyle, Dr Susan Vlack


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