My Angel Baby: Hunter James Cullen

“I will fight for us and all the other families who have lost a baby or who will lose a baby unjustly. I will fight to find solutions to this problem, so other families don’t have to suffer this pain and heartbreak. I will be strong. I will do this in my son’s name, because I never want anyone to hurt as much as we have.”

Michelle Cullen – Hunter’s Mum



Saying Goodbye to Addison Grace

“For whatever reason this happened to us, we have hope, with out hope we have nothing right? Hope for research, hope to reduce the statistics and finally hope for our future.”

Kaityln Paul – Addison’s Mum



Maurice’s Story

“I had always believed in karma and that in being a good person would reflect positively on your life. Stillbirth was one of those things that happen to other people. I now realise how absurd that was.

Cara Cummings – Maurice’s Mum



Ruby’s Story

“For me talking about Ruby and remembering the joy of carrying her for 9 months and falling madly in love with her along with a the heartache of losing her will never go away, it helps me to say her name out loud and also to share my experience with others.

Rebecca Bulach – Ruby’s Mum



The Mighty Quinn

“We are so thankful to the Golden Cycling Club and frankly, still blown away. Not everyone gets a trail built in their child’s honour, although I wish that it was so, so i hope that spreading the story shares the healing power of it.

John Denham – Quinn’s Dad






Layla Emerald Youngman_small

Remembering Layla Emerald born at 40 weeks

“Layla was exquisite. She was perfect. Too perfect for earth, in fact. Her baby sister, who we have the privilege of parenting in a real-life sense, continues to offer us beautiful insight into what Layla might have looked like as a baby, a toddler, a pre-schooler. But, the wondering is something that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Gillian – Layla’s Mum