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My Stillborn Baby Still Counts as My Child

I am a mother to Sienna, Sebastian and Tennyson. Today marks the second anniversary of the birth of our son Sebastian, who was stillborn at 38 weeks on April 6th, 2014.  Up until the point that we lost him, he was a healthy, lively little baby kicking around inside me. For a while now, I have […]

Saying Goodbye to Addison Paul Grace

“There’s no fetal heart” the words that will forever be on repeat inside my head. We had a routine scan on the Thursday morning, I’d woken at 4am realising I hadn’t felt much movement. I shook it off thinking don’t be silly go back to sleep, you’ve got a appointment in a few hrs and all will be […]

Hunter James Cullen’s Story

My angel baby: Hunter James Cullen, 06/8/13 I have two children: one living, the other an angel baby. My living child, Siena Jane, is three. She is my firstborn. She is my love, and all my hopes and dreams for both of my children now rest on her. She is what I call my calm before the […]

In loving memory of Maurice Stanley Cummings

THE DAY OUR BABY DIED….. Nervous and anxious, I sat in the waiting room gripping my husband’s hand. This last week I hadn’t been feeling well. I had developed lower back and pelvic pain and just couldn’t get comfortable. I’d been having Braxton hicks which had progressively become stronger and I just didn’t feel right. […]

Remembering Layla Emerald

Layla Emerald.  We decided on her name while on our baby moon in Vanuatu.  She was a part of our family long before her birth. Born Still Five Days Past Due Tragically, and still so hard to fathom, Layla was born still five days past her due date in July 2011.  Her little heart just stopped […]

Caring for families experiencing stillbirth: Evidence-based guidance for maternity care providers

This paper presents the implications for practice that were developed from the review project to promote and inform meaningful and culturally appropriate evidence-informed practice amongst maternity care providers caring for mothers and families who experience stillbirth. The implications for practice were developed from the findings of the review and expert consensus. These recommendations may be […]

Providing meaningful care for families experiencing stillbirth: a meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence

This paper presents the results of one meta-synthesis from the systematic review report and covered the experience of stillbirth from diagnosis until many years later. Emerging themes that underpinned the meaningfulness of care provided to parents experiencing stillbirth included: information provision, the need for emotional support and appropriate maternity ward environments and systems. Elements of […]

The Stillbirth Foundation Australia Launches #IAMTHATSTATISTIC to Break the Silence on Stillbirth – October 15, 2015

Every year 2,190 babies are stillborn in Australia. That’s 6 Australian families who experience the devastation of stillbirth every day. On 15 October 2015, Pregnancy Loss Day, the Stillbirth Foundation is launching #IAMTHATSTATISTIC to raise awareness of stillbirth. The campaign aims to unite families who have experienced stillbirth and build an Australia-wide community of supporters. […]