Core Outcomes in Stillbirth (COSTIL) Project

We are the COSTIL (Core Outcomes in Stillbirth) project team based at the University of Adelaide.

The team is comprised of Prof. Ben Mol, principle investigator (back), and Miss Bobae Kim, (second from left), Assoc. Prof. Edoardo Aromataris, (far right), Assoc. Prof. Philipa Middleton (far left) and Dr. Suzette Coat (second from right).

The project aim is to develop a standardised common outcome set that can be implemented across all clinical research in the field of prevention of stillbirth so that every study conducted can be easily compared and combined for better effective use. We use a two-stage approach to develop outcomes that reflect the priorities of all stakeholders. This encompasses previous literature through a systematic review, a focus group and interviews of parents who have experienced stillbirth, and a Delphi method that will combine and generate a consensus of opinions between experts in the field. Later this year, we will be recruiting the parent members of the Stillbirth Foundation for participation in our research. We will be asking them to share their views on what they consider important outcomes from their experiences.

This strategy will allow the many individual trials, reviews and guidelines in stillbirth to be effectively combined and compared, resulting in a significant contribution to future stillbirth mitigation. We expect this research will have collaboration synergies with a team of researchers in UK funded by Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity, SNDS with whom we are working closely. We are grateful for the ongoing support of COSTIL from the Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

We look forward to continuous collaboration to reduce the incidence of stillbirth.

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