Every day six babies will die in their mother’s womb and be stillborn – a little-known and tragic health issue. A huge amount of investment is needed in vital research to understand why such large numbers of babies are dying; particularly those that are born at or close to term with no known cause of death.

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The Stillbirth Foundation Australia is the only Australian charity dedicated to stillbirth research. It was launched by Emma McLeod in October 2005 after Olivia, Emma’s second child and first daughter, died unexpectedly in utero and was born still on 31 July 2002.

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Light a candle in memory of a loved baby and support Stillbirth research to prevent others from this devastating experience.


In 40 percent of cases, the cause of death is unknown.


There are six stillborn babies a day in Australia.


This rate has not reduced in 2 decades.


For every one child that dies of SIDS, 35 are Stillborn.

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